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MonBijoudeCorps is for all those who are avant-garde, love beauty and are not afraid to be elegant. Discover through these few lines our history, why we created MonBijoudeCorps and how it works.

Our mission

While the general public began to hear about belly jewelry when Rihanne wore them in a famous music video, some of us had already known about them for years, and not all dared to wear them.

This site is for all women who are graceful, who want to stand out, to be there before others. The goal of our brand is to offer you the most beautiful trends that will beautify your body as it should, by highlighting your curves with a waist chain, or your feet with an ankle chain. The only limit is you.

Our history

In love with the African continent, I discovered body jewelry thanks to this culture rich in love. Beyond being very beautiful, these jewels are very significant and each have particularities depending on their characteristics and the context in which they are worn.

In France, very few people know about the world of body jewelry. Whether it involves the choker, hand chains or even belly chains, it was absolutely necessary to introduce them to as many people as possible! This is where the idea of ​​creating MonBijoudeCorps , which continues to develop day by day, for our greatest happiness.