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Welcome to JelyGold®, the store specializing in body jewelry that you will love.

If like us, you think that a woman's body is magnificent and you want to enhance it with magnificent jewelry, you are in the right place.

Discover accessories for all tastes. We offer you quality items, with our waist chains to enhance your belly, our bohemian ankle chains for this summer or our thigh chains, you are spoiled for choice.

The elegance of a waist chain

Discover the largest collection of belly chains in France. Fall for a feminine and elegant piece of jewelry that will enhance your body and beautify your curves.

Chaînes de cheville

Fall for an anklet

Inspiring relaxation and vacations, dive into a collection filled with foot chains of all kinds and for all styles, whether you are looking for chic or bohemian.

Our history

Classic jewelry, too little for us.

The discovery of bin-bins, or otherwise called size chains, was a real trigger. Beyond being a simple piece of jewelry, the meanings behind this accessory are incredible. And this is how our fascination with body jewelry took place.

The objective of Monbijoudecorps is to extend this passion by offering the most beautiful body jewelry to women.

Over time, we strive every day to offer you more and more jewelry, while maintaining an ever more demanding level of quality.

A little history...

Traditionally, it is particularly in Africa that body jewelry was worn the most. Particularly the waist chains which were a real asset of seduction, a symbol of fertility and elegance. But also carrying many meanings, such as replacing the scales because they allowed you to see if you are gaining or losing weight. These body jewelry were also used to ward off ailments, particularly kidney pain, as well as stress.

Currently, these meanings are more and more forgotten because body chains have become real beauty accessories, symbols of elegance and femininity, worn by more and more women around the world.

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