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Choker necklace

Discover our large collection of chokers: trendy, feminine and original jewelry!

We offer you a wide range of choker necklaces, these are jewelry worn close to the neck to embellish your entire bust. No matter your daily style, you will be sure to find what you are looking for in this large collection. You will find the following styles of necklaces:

  • Choker for women
  • Leather choker
  • Gothic choker
  • Black choker
  • Rock choker necklace
  • Denim choker
  • Heart choker

An original neck piece that does not go unnoticed

It is often difficult to stand out from the crowd when it comes to necklaces, in fact, we find feminine and cute ones but very little overflowing with originality. With a choker , you will show your attraction to trends and your tastes in terms of accessorizing.

So the choker is a trendy and practical alternative: your jewelry does not get tangled unlike the long necklaces and jewelry necklaces usually used. The choker has been worn by all the stars of the moment, in fact, it has established itself as this season's must-have accessory.

A durable and high-quality choker necklace for women

The neck is a humid part of the body, which greatly weakens everyday neck jewelry. In fact, low-end collars are often confronted with all types of attacks which damage the collar in record time. The choker necklace, unlike classic necklaces, is often placed on the throat, so it is less subject to aggressive friction. In addition, it is made of different materials that are more resistant than ordinary costume jewelry : imitation leather, denim, metal with a finish...

The majority of our choker necklaces are obviously composed of a clasp or snaps, which make the jewelry adjustable .

Opt for a choker to maximally embellish your entire bust

Classic accessories such as pendant necklaces or long necklaces highlight the neckline. The choker differs from this by its cut around the neck . In fact, it allows you to free your shoulders, thus beautifying your entire bust: the neckline, the collarbones and the way you carry your head.

This delicate fancy necklace will reveal your femininity with elegance and originality. With this short necklace, anything goes, reveal your fantasy to others.

Our leather chokers and denim chokers; a wide range to suit everyone's needs

You will find various and varied chokers throughout our large collection of chokers. If you like a more casual style of accessories, opt for the denim choker , if you are a more rock personality opt for a leather or velvet choker. For women with a bohemian style, fall for our embroidered, rhinestone or beaded chokers. For women with a girly look, go for our models with heart pendants and medallions, they are feminine and refined.