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Belly, waist and body chains

Belly chains, the elegant and feminine jewel par excellence

Still little worn, body chains are increasingly in demand by many women who want to wear accessories to enhance their silhouette.

The belly chain has become an ultra-trendy accessory that adorns a woman 's body like a fine, elegant and discreet adornment. Worn often in summer, it blends perfectly with a beautiful tanned complexion.

This trend is becoming more and more emerging with beauty influencers who appear wearing pretty belly jewelry on social networks. But even before that, did you know that stars started wearing this jewelry way before everyone else?

We think of Rihanna who wore it several years ago in one of her songs with jeans and a tank top. It is also an accessory that we find on models in the fashion shows of the greatest designers.

A woman's figure is beautiful, regardless of her body shape. The belly chain is a particularly popular accessory because it beautifies any woman's body by enhancing its curves. But that's not all, this jewel carries many meanings.

The bin bin, aka baya, a chain of bodies carrying meanings

Beyond being aesthetically beautiful, what we call baya in Africa is an object that carries meaning. This jewel was made by people who could only do it by hand due to its complexity, and it was then passed down from mother to daughter as a true heirloom.

The body chain was believed to protect wearers from all kinds of ailments, particularly kidney problems, but also had psychological benefits by reducing stress.
Anecdote : instead of using a scale to weigh themselves, which is a test that can be disturbing for some, they preferred to refer to their belly collars, which indicated whether they should calm down on food when he loosen it!

However, the bin bin has always been an essential element of seduction. Traditionally it was only to be shown to the husband since it was a real accessory symbolizing passion and seduction, which was supposed to excite the husband and increase fertility. By enhancing the curves and its sparkles that we hear when it moves, the belly chain was unanimously very appreciated.

A wide range of high quality waist chains

We know only too well that finding a waist chain can be a real ordeal. In fact, we find very few of them, and very often the sites either have accessories that are not of good quality, or a minimal choice.

This is why at Monbijoudecorps, we have focused on the diversity and quality of our waist necklaces.

You will find gold and silver plated waist chains , which go wonderfully with a light swimsuit outfit, or even piercing ankle chains which will add a touch of charm to any of your outfits, whether We particularly like it in jeans and a crop top. Of course, you will find belly chains with pearls , between discreet and chic pearls and colorful ones, they can suit all styles.

Finally, we understand that the waist chain is currently more and more in demand. Charming and elegant, it embellishes the woman wearing it.