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Discover the largest collection of gold anklets available in France, quality jewelry at attractive prices so that everyone can wear them.

Our gold anklets

Embellish your feet with beautiful jewelry for the summer. Worn by more and more women and men, these bohemian accessories instantly make you think of beautiful sandy beaches and the warm sun beating down on your back.

In some tropical cities such as Tulum, it has become common to wear a beautiful bracelet on your ankle woven directly by the locals on site. Gold anklets are also very popular, since most of the foot accessories found are simple threads or charms.

No longer have difficulty finding one that will suit your tastes. We know too well that in stores you can only find basics, made up of just a simple chain. This is why we strive to offer you the most diverse range on the market.

Discover our different models, the set of three Sun chains with complementary shapes with leaves that pair perfectly with the pearls to form an exceptional piece of jewelry, or the subtle adorned with a feather with double gold-plated attachments, or the braided gold anklets bringing a touch of finesse to each person who wears them.

Top quality silver anklets

More than just an accessory, buying a silver anklet is a real piece of jewelry that you keep for years. All our products are checked by experts before being sent. Depending on the model you choose and your budget, the micron of gold present in the jewelry will vary. But be sure that each piece of jewelry is designed to last over time.

Adopt a foot chain made of charms, shells

Please note, we do not want everyone to wear our foot chains , it is a collection that is particularly close to our hearts, and we want each piece of jewelry to be considered with the greatest care, out of respect for our work and the traditions linked to this beautiful jewel.